Planning for a workplace where people and robots work as one.

A lot has changed over the last few years across the automation landscape, and in the impending years ahead of us, we can expect more change still. But is your organisation equipped to embrace these changes? 

When we look into the not-so-distant future it’s fair to assume that a hybrid human-digital workforce will become the new normal. We can expect to see people working in collaboration with virtual robotic assistants and cohesively sharing tasks. However, it’s important to remind ourselves that this kind of amelioration doesn’t just happen, in preparation for these next steps in the evolution of intelligent automation Hiring Managers must begin planning for workplaces where people and robots work seamlessly in unison. 

Forward-thinking individuals or teams may have already begun asking the important questions in anticipation of the transition.


  • What jobs will we see become obsolete and what roles may replace these?

  • Who should be hired and who can be redeployed?

  • How can employees be skilled up to best utilise new technologies?

  • How can we affect real change in the hearts and minds of our employees to best integrate these improvements?


In fact, the adaptations that are required are to such an extent that business leaders predict at least one-third of their workforce will need retraining in response to the changes that automation will bring moving forward.

 Our advice to Hiring Managers beginning plans to migrate their organisations into the human-digital shift is:


  • Begin mapping out which roles may change, emerge or become redundant.

  • Identify the skills needed and begin developing them within your organisation, whether this involves skilling up or hiring new talent.

  • Get in touch with us here at Edge Tech to see how we can help you get ahead of the workplace shift by recruiting talent that can help your organisation thrive in the future of work. 


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