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Emerging Tech and Opportunity in RPA, AI, ML and Intelligent Automation

SaugaTalks with Harrison Goode, Co-Founder of Edge Tech, about opportunities in the RPA, AI, ML, and Intelligent Automation space. They also cover what the landscape looks like a recruiters point of view.

Attraction and retention strategies | Harrison Goode talks to engatica

Harrison Goode speaks with engatica. We talk about attraction and retention strategies – How are companies adapting, what is working, what’s not and so much more.

RPA Developer Salary & Pay (with RPA Recruiter Guest - Ollie Sulley)

Anders Jensen, an RPA expert, shares his salary & pay from his RPA Developer job and his RPA company with Edge Tech Co-Founder, Ollie Sulley.

The Third Thursday - Attracting Top Tech Talent

Join Kieran and Ema as they welcome Jessica Zych and Harrison Goode to the Third Thursday Crew! We talk about recruiting top tech talent in the world of Intelligent Automation. The great resignation, the tightening labor market, what skills you should be developing to get recruited, and more!

RPA Recruiter: Tips and Tricks

Harrison Goode, Co-Founder of Edge Tech, sits down with Anders Jensen to reveal all his secrets in this interview. He shares tips and tricks to improve your chances of getting a job through an RPA recruiter/headhunter.

Edge Tech Partner Interview Series: EvoluteIQ with Peter Dahlgren

Will Horner, Co-Founder of Edge Tech, sits down with Peter Dahlgren, Chairperson at EvoluteIQ to talk about the state of the RPA and Intelligent Automation markets. They also look at how this has and will affect the banking sector.

The 'New Unusual' which is now the 'New Normal'

Take a look at our latest video discussion between four leaders, from four different backgrounds, giving their opinion on COVID-19 and the effects it has had and will have on the business and technology world. Paul, Mari, Kieran, and Harrison talk about this ‘new unusual’ we have experienced and how it has become the ‘new normal’. Topics covered include; the business impacts on both big and small businesses, mental health, what it takes to be a leader in times like these, and the effects this has on the growth of companies across the globe.