5 ways Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can benefit your organisation

Below I have collated some of the reasons RPA can benefit your organisation, clearly, this could have easily been 10, 15 or 20, but I wanted to put together what I consider the top five benefits and feel like these are a good starting point.

1.    Error-Free Revenue Growth

A number of accounting functions still depend on manual labour, which means that they’re also prone to human error. Combine this with the increased reliance on outsourced labour and the cultural and language differences that come along with it, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Putting out fires and keeping up with operations is a waste of time that could be better spent focusing on growth and increased revenue streams. RPA provides an army of bots available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to produce efficient, fast and error-free work.

2.    Better Customer Experience and Increased Revenue

Shorter cycle times and increased quality of service automatically leads to improved customer experience. This, in turn, generates more sales from existing customers and then to more new customers. This is another way that RPA can indirectly impact your top line, although hard to measure, this aspect is certainly worth keeping in mind.

3.    Reduced Employee Turnover

Once your human employees are no longer engaged with boring, mundane and repetitive tasks, employee satisfaction levels will naturally rise. Employees will also appreciate the chance to participate in higher level projects, leading to greater employee satisfaction and retention. One of the major benefits that has come to light is being able to upskill employees to put their time to better use.

4.    Flexes and Stretches with the Organisation

Whatever RPA solution you have chosen or choose, it should be adaptable to a variety of business needs and scalable to enterprise-size, even as your organisation grows and more processes fall in line to automation. In addition, solutions must be compliance-ready and secure, storing no data locally to gain maximum benefit from the RPA solution.

5.    Security

One of the greatest benefits of RPA is that it works at a highly detailed level; one bot performs a single task and nothing else, there is no un-programmed leakage from one area to another, and access to data can be controlled and documented. One of the most overlooked aspects of RPA processes is that the bots follow a clear programmed and automated sequence of events and are unlikely to cause error; unlike humans, who may get distracted during a project for example by going to grab a coffee and leaving their screen unlocked containing sensitive information.

I would welcome the opportunity to hear from anyone about additions to this list and what you feel are the main benefits of RPA to an organisation.

Written by Edge Tech Co-Founder, Harrison Goode 

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