Intelligent Automation Lead

United Kingdom - Remote

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£115,000 a year


within 3 months

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  • RPA
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Blue Prism
  • Project Delivery
  • Consulting
  • Customer Success


6 years RPA experience


  1. For the past 3 years, this candidate has been owning, evolving and evangelising one of the top three RPA Vendor’s world-class Operating Model Methodology to enable Customers and Partners to drive Intelligent Automation programs to scale and transform organisations 
  2. Experience as a Program Lead developing and managing over 20+ strategic customer portfolios and their RPA programs
  3. Development of Education and thought leadership of the methodology and maturity model both internally and externally to customers
  4. Creating and leading workshops, content, thought leadership and education for customer engagements ensuring delivery success
  5. Prior to their current role, they were the Process Automation Lead for a large insurer where they created an Automation Programme, set up the governance and schedule of work required for all efficiency and project-driven required automations using the automation tools in place (Blue Prism & NICE)
  6. Automated through the use of Blue Prism 13 manual business processes which resulted in a saving of 72 FTE which equates to c. £1.5m per annum
  7. Passionate and committed to supporting customers to build and tailor an RPA operating model that helps them achieve their vision and scale for the future
  8. Certificate in Improvement Practitioner in Sigma Pro Lean Six sigma

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