Hiring managers…you’re not special

This might hurt some feelings but it needs to be said….companies that are recruiting and hiring managers this one is for you.

It’s no secret that currently, across the globe, there is a war for good talent.

Now, combine that with the emerging technology sector (RPA, IA, ML, AI etc) and you’ve got yourself an even smaller and niche talent pool.

Believe it or not, but some companies and hiring managers are holding interview processes that last more than three stages, taking more than 48 hours to come back with feedback, rejecting candidates because they ‘only’ hit 90% of the role criteria, low-balling offers…I could go on…

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I spoke with a candidate this week who accepted an offer after 3 quick interview stages that turned around within a week (for a £140k+ Director level position). He told me that he had 11-12 other opportunities on the go…and the crazy thing is that this is normal.

90% of candidates we speak to have more than 4 opportunities on the go at one time so let me put this back to the hiring managers and companies out there, what are you doing to make sure the candidate picks you AND NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND?

Candidates should not be grateful that you’ve invited them for an interview, you should be grateful that they’ve entertained the idea of your company.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-invent your hiring process because if you want the very best talent in your sector you need to be doing something special. If you’re waiting for the best expert to apply for your role and go through your 12 stage interview process then you’re in another world!

If you’re serious about attracting the best talent then I’d welcome the chance to have a conversation about how we at Edge Tech can help. We are transforming how our clients hire and retain the very best people and doing it for them FAST!

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