Why RPA is perfect for Not-For-Profit organisations

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has changed the way C-Suite and business leaders run their companies. RPA is used to automate business processes, therefore, reducing the amount of time spent on them and in hand saving them money. Besides RPA being easy to use, understandable, affordable, and easy to apply, Not-For-Profit organisations most importantly need a technology that can free its workforce. RPA best serves this purpose and allows them to focus on their core activity while the software performs most of their repetitive tasks with accuracy and precision.

Just like other types of businesses, a non-profit organisation also strives towards delivering the best quality services to the sector that they work in. Looking for ways that can help minimise costs without compromising your effectiveness or efficiency leads them directly to RPA.

Here are some suggested areas for automation:

  • Volunteer and grant management
  • Government and regulatory issue tracking
  • Donation and donor management
  • Pledge and outreach campaigns

Here are some of the many ways that RPA can help non-profits:

  1. The operational costs of the organisation can be reduced greatly. The use of RPA on a daily basis enhances productivity which can have a huge impact on the decision-making process. It helps businesses that are already working for a cause to save time and money to be utilised elsewhere.
  2. RPA can be deployed within a few weeks. When RPA is deployed it helps increase the efficiency of processes without adding cost, therefore, generating long term business gains. 
  3. As businesses evolve into the digital age, the needs and requirements of every business will change too. RPA is scalable, which means that as the appetite within the business grows then so can the RPA capability generating even more savings.
  4. The accuracy and quality of the output received will be high and free from human errors. Clearly there is room for mistakes when tasks are completed by humans, it’s in our nature. However, the scope of errors is minimised greatly if the same task is performed with the help of an RPA software ‘robot’.

  5. The use of RPA can boost the morale of the employees as they no longer have to carry out tedious and repetitive tasks. The workforce can then become more productive as the time saved can be used on more business-critical tasks especially in areas where technology cannot be used. 

In summary, RPA is a blessing for not-for-profits and if done right with proper planning and long-term vision, it’s sure to yield productive results. The need is to adopt an automation first mindset, and results are soon to follow. Get in touch with us at Edge Tech to find out how we can help you on your way with your RPA journey.

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