The Third Thursday: Attracting Top Tech Talent

Our co-founder Harrison Goode was recently invited on to Third Thursday, a webinar series hosted by Kieran Gilmurray and Ema Roloff. During the live event, Harrison joined FortyOak’s Jessica Zych in discussing the challenges of recruiting top tech talent in the world of intelligent automation. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into Harrison’s thoughts on the current recruitment landscape…  


How has the Great Resignation changed hiring? 



The Great Resignation has been a dominant topic in the world of recruitment over the last 6-12 months, and it shows no signs of going away any time soon. This post-pandemic trend has created an unprecedented demand for talent in every industry – and it isn’t limited to the UK. In the global emerging tech space, the war on good talent goes even further back in time, but highly trained and skilled workers are now even more difficult to access. 

As the demand for talent continues to exceed the skills available, employers need to reconsider their hiring strategy. In today’s marketplace, the jobseeker has all the power – and employees now recognise their worth. If a worker feels mistreated, or they simply aren’t happy in their current role, it’s now easier than ever to job-hop. In fact, many view a job as a short-term, simple transaction of money for labour. That makes retention a number one priority.

Those workers who do decide to leave for a new position often have 4 or 5 opportunities available for them at once. That often means that it now takes just one bad experience during the interview process to put a candidate off proceeding to the next stage. As such, interviews must now be designed in a way that’s beneficial for both the employer and the candidate – giving them time to question you and determine if you’re the right fit. 


What are the main priorities for candidates in 2022? 



The COVID-19 pandemic has also changed what workers are looking for in a job offer. As recruiters in the emerging tech sector, we’ve seen the conversation shift from ‘what’s the budget for this role?’ to ‘is the role remote?’ While money is still a big talking point – especially now given the worsening cost of living crisis – remote working is an expectation among candidates and workers alike. 

Since the pandemic, almost everyone’s had a taste of what it’s like to work from the comfort of their home, and candidates demand flexible working options that complement their lives. It isn’t just a better work-life balance that top talent desire, either. Those who use jobs as a stepping stone towards their dream role are after comprehensive training and development in order to reach their potential.  

Click here to watch the full webinar. 


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