The ‘New Unusual’ which is now the ‘New Normal’

Take a look at our latest video discussion between four leaders, from four different backgrounds, giving their opinion on COVID-19 and the effects it has had and will have on the business and technology world. Paul, Mari, Kieran and Harrison talk about this ‘new unusual’ we have experienced and how it has become the ‘new normal’.

Topics covered include; the business impacts, not only to big businesses but from a small business owner’s perspective too. They also cover things such as mental health, what it takes to be a leader in times like these, and the effects this has on the growth of companies across the globe.

Taking part in the discussion we have:

Paul McGilvary, Co-Founder and Technical Director at New Remote Media. Remote are experts at automating systems and building online applications that free you and your team up to work more efficiently, and scale up safely.

Mari Williams, The Mind Architect. Mari works with senior and high-level leaders and professionals including CEO’s, social and political leaders and those aspiring to leadership to fulfil their potential.

Kieran Gilmurray, Global Automation Lead. Kieran helps build world-class, digitally empowered businesses that are 100% focused on delivering value for their customers. He’s an intelligent automation and analytics expert, business leader and team builder with 25+ years experience in business, technology, analytics, program management, digital transformation and intelligent automation. 

Harrison Goode, Co-Founder at Edge Tech Headhunters. Harrison is a disruptive technology headhunter with experience having helped global FTSE100 organisations and small scale startups attract, scale and retain their tech and non-tech teams on a contract and permanent basis.

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