The biggest challenges facing employers in emerging tech right now

It’s safe to say that the start of this decade has been a challenging one for businesses in every industry. The combination of COVID-19, Brexit and the IR35 reform has created a tight, uncertain and increasingly competitive candidate market. Unsurprisingly, this has led to recruitment and retention problems across the country. 

Here, we take a look at the biggest challenges facing employers in tech, and what you can do to tackle them… 

The talent pool is slowly drying up 

One of the biggest challenges facing employers in emerging tech is recruiting and retaining qualified, skilled and experienced candidates. The main reason for this is that the current pool of talent is currently very dry, likely because of the double whammy that is COVID-19 and Brexit.

Needless to say, attracting and then holding on to these top players will be a serious challenge for businesses like yours in the coming years – especially if you limit your team to local resources. Our tip? If you want to engage the most in-demand talent, you need to partner with a talent provider who can proactively scout candidates on your behalf. Doing this will allow you to build a robust talent pipeline so that you aren’t caught out when you’re trying to fill any future vacancies.

We’re heading towards a digital skills shortage 

If the first challenge wasn’t bad enough, recent studies have shown that the UK is now heading towards a digital skills shortage. Findings from FourthRev reveal that 81% of businesses believe they’ll need to hire experts from overseas within the next 12 months to meet their current goals. 

What’s more, the study found that 53% of companies would pay ‘over the odds’ to obtain the digital skills they need for their businesses. These figures display just how desperate employers are to source the appropriate candidates in order to deliver on key growth objectives. Be prepared to factor this into your budget.

Time is of the essence for employers 

It goes without saying that speed is critical for companies of all sizes. Be that as it may, many employers lack the time to recruit the right people fast enough in order to hit crucial project milestones. Given how lengthy the hiring process can be, it’s no wonder they’re struggling to deliver on time. 

Selecting, interviewing and onboarding tech professionals requires a great deal of man-hours – something that many employers simply don’t have. On top of that, the cost of recruiting and training new employees can be extremely high. That is, unless you partner with a leading talent provider. 

Refine your hiring strategy with Edge Tech

The key challenges listed in this guide highlight the importance of refining and ultimately enhancing your recruitment strategy. That’s where Edge Tech can help. 

We have over 10 years of combined market experience in recruitment, so it’s safe to say we’re experts when it comes to finding the best talent within emerging technologies. Whether you’re searching for a permanent RPA developer or a temporary manager to deliver your most critical projects on time (and within budget), we’re the team you need. 

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