Recruitment trends through the seasons

Recruitment in the field of emerging technologies is constantly evolving, and certain trends tend to become noticeable during different seasons of the year. Knowing what trends to anticipate is a huge advantage when assessing the job market as both a hiring manager and a candidate. So, let’s take a look at some of the most notable recruitment trends in the industry and how they may change throughout the year. 




Winter is twofold when it comes to hiring trends, and let me tell you why:


As the year begins to wind down ready for the next, during December hiring slows to its most leisurely pace of the year. This is partly because many companies are focused on closing out the year paired with an increase in annual leave and may not have the resources to make hiring decisions during this time. It’s important to note that this does not mean that hiring grinds to a halt entirely. There are still opportunities available during this window of the year, so long as you are speaking with the right people and looking in the right places. 


And then like the flick of a switch, January rolls around and we’re back in business. A new year means a new budget and recruiters are eager to utilise these resources to fill open positions. This leads to an increase in recruiting activity during the first quarter. Additionally, as employees are just returning from the holiday season and taking less time off, the hiring process is streamlined in the early months of the year.


For executive-level job seekers, the first half of the year presents a prime opportunity for job searching. The period from January to mid-June is a busy time for senior-level hiring and job searches.




Spring is the season of the graduate, with recruiters focusing efforts on snatching up soon-to-be university/college graduates during this time. Companies start recruiting in April to have recent grads in place by June 1. Alongside this, the spring season is typically when companies begin to ramp up their hiring efforts for the upcoming year. As such, recruitment throughout the entirety of the tech sector tends to be particularly active during the spring. Many companies are looking to fill open positions, and there is often an increased demand for professionals with experience in emerging technologies.




The summer season is generally a quieter time for recruitment in technology. Holiday fever takes hold with many professionals taking annual leave during this time. As a result, companies are less likely to make hiring decisions during this time. Expect that it will be a slower-moving process during summer as it can take longer for HR to sift through applications, set up interviews, and respond to emails, whilst competing holiday schedules get in the way. Recruitment processes for higher-level roles tend to take even longer because they require interviews with several people in the organisation. As with summer, that’s not to say that the opportunities aren’t out there during the summer period. Some companies may be looking to fill roles in a hurry during this time and are willing to pay a premium for the right candidate. It’s all about keeping your eye out. 




Much like a rollercoaster dips and climbs again, as autumn approaches and teams return to full capacity, the recruitment and hiring process ramps up. Both job seekers and hiring managers are back from summer vacations and ready to fill any open positions before the holiday season. Additionally, department heads have a renewed sense of urgency to utilise any remaining budget before year-end.


For job seekers, this presents an ideal opportunity to apply for roles. During this time you can expect prompt responses from recruiters and hiring managers, and a faster pace of interviews.


Overall, recruitment in technology tends to be cyclical, with certain times of the year being more active than others. By understanding these trends, candidates can better plan their job search and increase their chances of finding the right opportunity. Equally, Hiring managers can focus their efforts at the optimal times to achieve maximum results.


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