Is your recruitment process putting you on the back foot?

Your hiring process has the power to deter top talent. And with the triple threat of COVID-19, Brexit and the IR35 reform, you can no longer afford to put off experienced candidates with the way you recruit.

The truth is, the talent pool of tech specialists is drying up, creating a complex and even more competitive market. If you want to hit vital project deadlines and milestones, you need to snap up the best talent before others do – and that starts with one of the first touchpoints they have with your organisation.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to fix an off-putting recruitment process… 

The best candidates won’t wait 

We can all agree that hiring in a candidate’s market requires a fast and proactive approach. Ask yourself: how long does it take you to make a hiring decision? Do you communicate your final decision to candidates in a timely manner? Or do you leave them hanging without a word or reason? 

The best talent won’t wait for you to potentially make them an offer; they’ll move on to the next opportunity that comes their way. Their time is just as valuable as yours, so rather than leaving candidates feeling uncertain for weeks after conducting an interview, provide feedback within 48 hours or less. 

Never overlook the candidate experience 

As an employer, you should aim to make the recruitment process as simple, enjoyable and pain-free as possible. How? By being transparent and open throughout. After all, candidates value honesty as much as you do. 

Set expectations and timelines in the early phases of the candidate journey, and if you don’t already, offer them a single point of contact. Who should they turn to if they have a question or concern along the way? This could be a manager, or a member of your team who has the capacity (and knowledge) to answer their questions. 

A multiple-stage interview process could be slowing you down

How many stages does your interview process have? If you said more than three, you could be actively discouraging your ideal candidates from progressing through them. Anything beyond this number is overkill and will inevitably turn off top talent. 

If you need various people within your organisation to meet a candidate before hiring them, we recommend doing it all in one go. Ensure they only ask one or two questions each to keep the interview focused and brief. Don’t have time to conduct interviews yourself? Or want to only meet with pre-qualified specialists? Consider handing the responsibility of sourcing candidates to a talent services provider like Edge Tech. 

Set your hiring process up for success with us

Reducing the speed-to-hire and managing the candidate experience is critical to recruitment success. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the time and resources to attract, interview and onboard the talent they need. That’s where we can help. 

At Edge Tech, we have an extensive network of technical specialists including full stack developers, solution engineers, and RPA developers. Whatever it is you’re looking for – and whether they need to be perm or interim – we’ve got you covered. 

Contact us today on 01908 382 398 or email to discover how we take the headache away from recruiting talent.

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