Getting ahead of the hiring game in 2022

We know, in our minds it’s still Christmas 2019 – the world has been a bit of a blur since then. But believe it or not, we are mere weeks away from 2022 and facing new challenges to recruiting top talent in the disruptive technology market. Here’s what we are looking out for in the coming years to cope with real-time recruitment developments.

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Having technology on hand to help recruitment partners can only be a plus; with its decentralisation methodology, blockchain shows promise in providing a long-term data security solution for private employee information. Through blockchain technology, tools like smart contracts also help to build secure employee records, verify identification, employment history, and even automate data-heavy processes like VAT and payroll, all whilst complying with GDPR.

AI also continues to prove to be beneficial to recruiters who can use AI applications for candidate sourcing, assessment and screening. This leads to improving the candidate experience, ultimately giving companies the edge they need in attaining the talent that they want. Certain AI systems can also analyse an existing employee’s computer activity, to flag those with unusual patterns or changes in their tone of voice and communication. This helps to identify employees who may be considering resigning, so businesses have the opportunity to limit staff turnover, increase retention or if needed, reorganise teams.

Some RPA advances make employee onboarding much more efficient too. The automation of low-level HR tasks, such as updating the applicant tracking system, creating a new employee record for company use, and gathering the employee’s credentials, allow recruiters to focus on far higher-value tasks.

RPA growth
There are 3 key tech domains within RPA on the increase that are sure to supercharge your ROI in 2022 and beyond; automated process discovery to fill and develop your pipeline, intelligence to monitor process health, and an entirely autonomous enterprise (to include self-healing bots). Expanding the reach of your digital workforce is a smart investment that will help to build a foundation in which your processes aid future business planning. HR trends also show that they are likely to become the norm by 2025.

These developments will continue to disrupt the space, directly impacting your hiring capabilities. Remote work makes the manual review of processes much more challenging too, so using intelligent automation to scale your RPA efforts is more practical and efficient. Using process intelligence to monitor this efficiency is also on the cards long-term – unless you plan on transforming every process in your business to be suitable for automation, process intelligence will become a must-have.

With a younger workforce coming into the fold, their focus is on pay (shocking, we know), development opportunities and company culture. This means that if your organisation lacks flexibility when it comes to hours, workplace, training and fun add-ons (socials, events, an occasional friendly but very competitive game of table tennis etc.), it could really impede a young workforce’s satisfaction and retention rates with your business – that’s if you could attain them in the first place. Retention, recruitment and culture management are currently all sitting at a fairly even keel for managers – keeping your team happy, means keeping the balance of people right.

Trends indicate that businesses are now having to quickly adapt to a post-pandemic world, where technology has managed to continue striding forward even when the rest of the globe ground to a halt. It’s now time to update your processes, engage your employees and find the best people to move you forward after making it through the past two, albeit interesting, years. Of course, recruitment experts have to do the same in order to keep propelling these organisations forward too.

Here at Edge Tech we are already forward planning with our clients for 2022, understanding their key drivers, projects and challenges. Looking at your hiring and retention strategy now will save you time and money next year, we promise.

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