Finding Your Dream Tech Job: Tips From Emerging Technology Recruiters

If you’re looking to secure your dream tech job, there’s no better time than now. The sector is rapidly evolving, and with tech roles accounting for 7.9% of the US workforce and 14% of the UK workforce, there are endless opportunities to enter and excel in the industry. At the same time, competition is fierce for jobseekers – so it’s vital to set yourself apart and stay on top of your job search. 

Don’t know where to begin? Our expert recruiters have you covered! Here are some top tips for finding and landing that perfect role. 

Take advantage of LinkedIn 

In today’s job market, online networking is crucial to your search. That’s where LinkedIn comes into its own. It’s one of the most powerful and often overlooked networking tools that can help you progress in your career. Something as simple as setting up a new profile – or ensuring your existing one is up to date – will open the door to more employment opportunities. 

Once your profile is complete, it’s essential to let recruiters know that you’re open to work by enabling the ‘Open to Work’ feature. You can do this by clicking ‘Me’ > ‘View Profile’ > ‘Open to’ > ‘Finding a new job’. Of course, your work isn’t done when you’ve finished setting up your profile. You need to stay active on LinkedIn by regularly searching and applying for jobs, posting or interacting in relevant groups, and connecting with tech recruiters

Sign up for job alerts 

A quick and simple way to find your ideal next role is to sign up for job alerts from emerging tech employers and recruiters like us. We regularly post new (and global!) job opportunities on our LinkedIn page, as well as our personal profiles (Harrison Goode, Ollie Sulley and Will Horner). You can apply for these roles directly on LinkedIn, save them for later, and set alerts for similar jobs. We also post these jobs on our website

Reach out to a recruiter 

If you need a helping hand when it comes to seeking out and landing your dream tech job, we’re here to take the reins. We have over a decade of experience recruiting in the emerging tech sector and an extensive network of businesses looking for top talent like you. Our dedicated team of specialists have a wealth of knowledge and will assist you every step of the way – from coaching to interviewing and onboarding. We’ll also provide inside knowledge and exclusive tips to increase your chances of success and ensure you stand out from the competition. 

Don’t let the window of opportunity close! Get in touch with us on the details below to see how we can support you in finding your next role. 

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