Edge Tech’s Recruitment Process Audit

It’s known that things typically slow down in Q4 toward the end of the year, however, from a hiring perspective you need to have plans in place to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition over the next three months. Don’t wait until 2020 to start your hiring campaigns, you’ll be left behind. Secure your 2020 hires now and beat your competition to it, if you start to look in the new year all the best talent will be snapped up in the next few months of 2019.

Due to this, here at Edge Tech we are offering a free hiring audit consultation where we strip back your recruitment process and advise ways in which things could be improved. I’m sure you already know but the markets we work into are all candidate-driven, they have the power and a variety of employers to choose from.

In order to get the best candidates, you need to have a fully optimised recruitment process. An ineffective or inefficient recruitment process can hurt your company by missing out on the best talent. In turn, this will cause your competitors to get ahead of you. To prevent this, you have to start by first auditing your recruitment process. This helps you to understand what your current process looks like, what your bottlenecks are, and how your candidates perceive you during the process.

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