Benchmarking Your IA & AI Talent Strategy

Drawing from Edge Tech’s unique vantage point within the industry, we have taken this section from our latest Intelligent Automation & AI Market Report which offers valuable insights into the current AI-IA-RPA landscape. It examines the emergence of new roles, salary benchmarks and provides firsthand observations of the workplace trends in these industries.

In the following graphs, you will find remuneration details for a handful of the most in-demand positions we see across the UK and the US. For ease, we have included a number of technologies grouped into one job title, for example, “IA Developer” includes a range of technologies such as RPA, Chatbots, BPM, Process Mining, IDP etc. The same can be said for “Head of Intelligent Automation” which we have used to encompass all technologies. The sales job titles listed in our graphs includes junior sales positions such as SDR / BDR and also includes Senior Sales Executives up to Enterprise Account Executive.

In the UK, over 2023, we have seen very little movement when it comes to increases in permanent salaries, however, for day rates/contract we found that the average earning in these bands has gone up across the board. This may be from the economic position in the UK throughout the year with companies having to make layoffs and enterprises putting a pause on new technology initiatives. The market seemed to stabilise after a steady increase year on year from 2020. There was no movement at the bottom end of the salaries which shows that the work these individuals do is still valued and there isn’t a fight for professionals to undercut each other just to secure the job and organisations aren’t lowballing offers.

The same can be said for the US too, however, there was a slight increase in some positions at the top end which shows that the value for individuals in the space is still there and increasing gradually.

Overall, the market has stayed strong taking into account external factors which have had an impact and it’s great to see the space we work in still has a lot of potential.

UK Permanent Salaries

*Salaries listed are base salaries only and do not include bonuses or on target earnings (OTE)

US Permanent Salaries

*Salaries listed are base salaries only and do not include bonuses or on target earnings (OTE)




UK Contract Day Rates

(Excluding any consultancy or agency fees)

US Contract Hourly Rates

(Excluding any consultancy or agency fees)

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