5 tips to ace your next interview that you won’t have heard before

For many, one of the most daunting parts about seeking a new career move can be the interview process. Fears of the unknown can take their toll in the lead-up to such discussions and throw even the best candidates off their game. The interview process needn’t be viewed as the scary gatekeeper, but instead as an opportunity to show off the best parts of you as a candidate, as well as ask key questions to any potential employer. Remember, the interview process is as much for you as it is for them. 

The best way to take any stress or worry away from the experience is to feel confident in how you are going to tackle it. So we’ve put together 5 tips to ace your next interview, based on our own experience.


1. Be a stalker – but not the kind that’s going to get you a restraining order. Put on your detective hat for an hour and do a little bit of LinkedIn lurking to see if there are mutual connections and interests with the hiring manager or relevant individuals at the company you’re interviewing for. Common interests and acquaintances are a great way to break the ice and get the conversation flowing and will really showcase your personality to the hiring manager in a positive way.


2. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Turning up to an interview having done no prep is never the best idea. Yes, you might get lucky and be able to wing it but why not give yourself the best chance possible and increase your confidence going into the interview? One way to prepare is to research the projects or key wins the business has had. Showing this level of awareness of the business already will help Hiring Managers see why you’re a good fit. Better yet, share your opinion on these things, what was good about them? Would you have done anything differently?


3. Go above and beyond.  Demonstrate that you know ( or have researched ) what is happening across the spaces that you work in – beyond the stuff that’s on the JD. Reciting the buzzwords and phrases from the JD is basic-level stuff and everyone is going to be doing it. You don’t want to be like everyone – show the hiring manager what you’re about by wowing them with your awareness of the space. Passion is something you can’t teach so showing the hiring manager this through your clear knowledge is a tick in the right box.


4. Put the feelers out. Reach out to individuals that you may know at that organization to gain useful insights. Whether that be a friend, an ex-colleague, or even your Linkedin network, getting insights from within is a valuable advantage to take to your interview.


5. What is your recruiter for? Your recruiter isn’t just there to stand around looking pretty. Make sure you’re utilising them for their insights into the organisation and what they are doing within the team. If your recruiter offers to do some prep work with you – take them up on it. They will have successfully placed hundreds (if not thousands) of positions like yours and know what they are doing. They will also have made it their business to get to know the company inside out in order to best do their job, so take advantage of those insights.


We hope these tips will help you feel as confident as possible when your next interview comes around.

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