10 Do’s and Don’ts for writing a CV that won’t end up on the bottom of the pile

If you’re someone who feels like they have a lot to give to a role but are applying for jobs with no success then don’t feel disheartened. It may be as simple as your CV letting you down. Your CV is often the first impression a hiring manager will have of you so it’s important to make it count. We’ve used our 20 years of experience to pull together 10 Do’s and Don’ts for writing a CV that won’t end up on the bottom of the pile. 


When writing a cv make sure you DO…


Focus on achievements:

When writing your CV, it’s important to highlight your key achievements and accomplishments rather than just listing your job duties. This will show what you have accomplished in your previous roles and how you can contribute to their organisation.


Make your skills and experience clear:

Consider including an overview or summary section at the top of your CV to clearly outline your skills and experience. This will give potential employers a quick snapshot of your qualifications and make it easier for them to see how you could fit into their team.


Use reverse chronological order:

When listing your work experience, it’s generally best to use reverse chronological order, meaning your most recent roles should be listed first. This helps Hiring Managers understand your career progression and see how your skills and experience have developed over time.


Highlight why you have been successful:

It’s important to showcase your successes and highlight the ways in which you have contributed to the organisations you have worked for. This could include specific projects you have completed or initiatives you have led.


Keep anything more than 10 years ago concise:

If you have a lot of experience, it’s okay to include your older roles, but keep the information about these roles brief. Companies are typically more interested in your more recent and relevant experience.


Include your contact details:

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to make sure your contact details are clearly listed on your CV. Include your full name, email address, and phone number so potential employers can easily get in touch with you.


Be careful you DON’T…


Include irrelevant hobbies:

While it can be helpful to include hobbies or interests on your CV, it’s important to only include those that are relevant to the job you are applying for. There’s no need to list activities like Scouts or swimming unless they are directly related to the role you are applying for or you think the skills you have learnt from these will be important to your new role.


Include too many images or too much colour:

While it’s fine to include a picture of yourself on your CV, it’s generally best to keep the overall design of your CV simple and easy to read. Avoid adding too many images or using distracting colours. (Having said this, if you are in a creative role such as a designer etc then it may be beneficial for your CV to reflect this. If you’re a CFO, for example, then chances are not)



It’s important to be concise when writing your CV. Don’t include unnecessary information or go into too much detail about your previous roles. Remember, a CV is a summary of your skills and experience, not a dissertation on it.


Just list day-to-day job duties:

Instead of simply listing your job duties, try to highlight the material benefit you brought to the organisation or team you were working for. This will help potential employers see the value you can bring to their organisation.



We hope these tips will help you find some success in your search for that dream role. 

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